Full name:

Fuel Octane Man



Star sign:

Supreme 98


Coffee Station Coffee, Burger X Burgers, Low fuel prices, saving the world, giving back to the community, helping people, riding his motor cycle jet ski and small dogs.


High fuel prices and bad coffee

Powers and Abilities:

To lower fuel prices across town


Hydrogen and electric cars

Catch phrase:

X Marks the Spot!

Meet Fuel Man

The friendly yellow cape crusader who’s mission is to fight high fuel prices!
During his days off Fuel Man works as a service station attendant, but you will often find him riding around on his motor cycle, lowering fuel prices and helping the local community.

Although he has super powers to reduce fuel prices, he’s one true weakness; the burgers from Burger X – he’s food fuel. Find out more about Fuel Man and his background in the future editions of ‘The Adventures of Fuel man’